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Movies in New York City - Latest New York movie listings, reviews etc.

New York movies - latest releases, reviews, schedules and listings

Tuesday, 01. March 2011

New York Movies: Four Seasons Cinema, Cinema Village, Clearview Ziegfeld, Sunshine Cinema

By movies-in-new-york, 10:50
Four Seasons Cinema is Niagara's only locally owned family movie theatre, where you always get the best for less. $4.00 is the price of the ticket, for any show at any time. Cinema Village, East Village, 22 E. 12th St. New York, offers an assortment of new and second-run foreign films, documentaries and American indie, but the real attraction is the discount tickets for students, seniors and children. Located in 1170 Coney Island Avenue, New York, Kent theatre is a nice and cosy place to enjoy a movie. Clearview Ziegfeld, 141 W 54th Street, New York, is a history in itself. The walls are covered in lush curtains and the decor is art deco all the way, the screen is huge and curtain covered. One can experience the theatre at its best on the opening night of the movies. Built in 1898, the Sunshine Cinema building was formerly the Houston Hippodrome motion picture theatre and a Yiddish vaudeville house but for over 50 years. It had been shuttered serving as a hardware warehouse. Landmark has restored the theatre back to its artistic roots and now offers the art-house film lover, five brand new state-of-the-art screens dedicated to first-run independent and foreign film as well as non-traditional studio programming. The Sunshine Cinema has exceptional presentation and amenities including stadium seating, Dolby Digital Surround EX sound and gourmet concessions. The theatre also offers attractions such as a Japanese rock garden, and a viewing bridge that offers breathtaking city views from the third storey spectacular glass annex.

Tuesday, 25. January 2011

New York Movies – Special Screenings (The Woodmans And The Leopards) At Film Forum

By movies-in-new-york, 09:23
Film Forum at 209 West Houston is screening some interesting and ethnic movies in its very own theatre. Its showing The Woodmans on 1st of February. You can catch this movie at varying times: 1pm, 2:50pm, 4:30pm, 6:20pm, 8:10pm and 10pm. This movie revolves around a portrait of a late photographer, Francesca Woodman, and the portrait is shown through the eyes of a young artist. In the documentary you can see Francesca’s beautiful and creative works of photography.

Another sensational movie that is being played in Film Forum, from 21st January to 27th January, is Luchino Visconti’s The Leopard. The movie casts Burt Lancaster, Alain Delon and Claudia Cardinale. It has also received the highest ratings for the excellent performances of the actors and also for the scenic beauty showcased in the movie. This two-hour movie is often compared with ‘Gone with the Wind’. The movie is a beautiful portrayal of battle scenes and wedding scenes. The props used for the film beautify the shots even more. It also beautifully depicts the situations of the ancient times and makes you feel like you are in the epic world yourself.

Monday, 17. January 2011

New York Movies – Velma Gratch And The Way Cool Butterfly, The Fanatasticks

By movies-in-new-york, 20:06
The McGinn Cazale Theater of New York City invites all children from 3-12 years of age to come and watch the musical show Velma Gratch And The Way Cool Butterfly. The show is based on Velma, a small girl in her first standard. Velma is always dominated and poked at by her elder sister, and in the process of finding a way to stand up for herself, suddenly discovers a liking and fondness for butterflies. A sudden twist in the story appears when a butterfly comes and sits on Velma's finger and she finds herself in heaven. The movie is a beautiful portrayal of Alan Madison's book. Catch Velma and her adventurous journey on January 15th at 11am.

Watch an amazing musical show, The Fantasticks, based on the famous theater show Tom Jones by Harvey Schmidt. Tom Jones was first released in 1960s and was screened in theaters for more than 40 years giving approximately 17,000 performances. This show is about a young boy and girl who are crazily in love with each other. But because of their parents' disapproval they are forced to part from each other. Watch this freshening love story at Snapple Theater Center on January 17th (8pm).

Saturday, 15. January 2011

New York Movies - Blue Valentine, The Dilemma, Another Year

By movies-in-new-york, 07:14
Watch Academy Award Winner Ryan Gosling and Michelle William in Blue Valentine at Angelika on 3rd January (2pm). This movie scripted and directed by Derek Cianfrance is an exact portrayal of problems faced by people on a daily basis. In this movie, Cianfrance shows two sides of life - first the happy times the couple spent in the past, and then the hard times that they are facing at present, and the ways they cope with these problems to keep their relationship sound and save. Be sure to catch this movie at 18 West Houston Street.

Join in at East Village Cinema, 181-189 2nd Avenue, on 3rd January to watch a romantic comedy The Dilemma. This movie is directed by Academy Award Winner Ron Howard and casts Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly, nominee Winona Ryder, Queen Latifah, Channing Tatum, Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. The film reveals the mysterious secrets of a man’s friend; the man goes undercover for an investigation, when he realizes that his friend's wife is having an affair, and soon finds out some unbelievable secrets of his own best friend.

The movie Another Year reveals the daily emotions and problems in a middle-aged couple. They face numerous problems with family, co-workers and friends. It is a 139-minute movie directed by Mike Leigh. The main leads of the movie are Jim Broadbent and Ruth Sheen.

Monday, 10. January 2011

New York Movies - The Debate Society, Men Go Down

By movies-in-new-york, 18:24
The Debate Society has once again come up with an amazing movie which will showcase a beautiful blend of comedy, action and mystery. The movie starts off with the police station of a small city being demolished due to a heavy flood. So all the local police officers gather and set up a shop in the nearby community center. In the beginning everything seems to be silent and serene in the city, but slowly, they start to notice mysterious happenings and accidents. The movie leaves the audience at the edge of their seats with anticipation as to what is going to happen next. Watch this amazing thriller cum comedy movie at Atlantic Stage 2 on January 8th (7pm).

Men Go Down is a movie that is stimulated by the deaths of many American leaders. This movie is a beautiful representation of  the political scenario with the help of poetic lines and modern languages. The movie allows the audience to think and imagine, letting the lines of the script go unfinished, and leaving gaps in between helps the audience with the imagination. This theatrical representation of  political matters may help some understand and clear their feelings about some of the questions bothering them for a long time. You can enjoy this lovely performance about the modern condition of our world at 3LD Art and Technology Center on 6th January (8pm).

Saturday, 01. January 2011

New York City movies - Crazy Hearts, The Iron Giant, Clung Brown

By movies-in-new-york, 11:21

Come and watch a tragic cum romantic film with the four time Academy Award nominee Jeff Bridges at DOJO’s 14 West 4th Street on 27th December (3pm). Crazy Heart’s main character Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges) is a country singer who works day and night for his living.  Blake has faced numerous difficulties in life like multiple marriage failures and stayed many years on the roads but now he has found someone who can help him out with his life and help him know his Crazy Heart. Maggie Gyllenhaal, the two time Golden Globe nominee is starring as the journalist who helps Bad Blake in finding his true self.

Enjoy the magical bonding between a Czech Professor Adam Belinski (Boyer) and a plumber’s niece Clung Brown (Jennifer Jones) in the movie Clung Brown on 30th December (3:30pm). This movie is a romantic classic from the Pre-World War II times; Brown is from a lower class or considered to be from that class whereas Belinski gets well with the upper class. So, the story revolves around on how they manage to fit in each other’s world. A wonderful performance put up by these professional actors that will keep you riveted to your seats.

Watch the big shot film The Iron Giant from the director of The Incredibles and Ratatouille. The Film Forum is showcasing this amazing high-tech animation movie of 1999 which is established from a novel written by the British poet Ted Hughes.

Sunday, 26. December 2010

New York city movies - December 2010 releases

By movies-in-new-york, 09:03

Watch the top 5 blockbusters of the month, Tron: Legacy, Yogi Bear, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Fighter and Tangled. Sit back and enjoy this bunch of captivating and fantastic set of movies, which have highlighted the box office rates.

Tron: Legacy released on 17th December 2010 is a follow-up of the 1982 film Tron: Joseph Kosinski. This is an American Science Fiction film which is produced by world renowned Walt Disney Pictures. Though the storyline is not very attractive but the out-of-the-world special effects have caught the viewer’s attention.

Portraying an image of an inventive character of more than 50 years old, Yogi-Bear has made a successful come-back in the big screens. The film, which was released on 17th December 2010, is actually based on a simple story but is fast moving and freakishly special-effected.

This movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treaders (2010) is the sequel to the third book of the most famous novel The Chronicles of Narnia. The basic storyline of the movie revolves around Edmund and Lucy boarding the Narnia ship, Dawn Treader with Prince Caspian, after returning to Narnia along with their cousin Eustace.

The Fighter is a true story of the junior welterweight Micky Ward. In this movie boxing takes the main lead. The casts of the movie are incredible and spot-on, and the movie is an absolute entertainment bummer.